About Deven

New York City has a way of making its people speak, move and react to situations in a different way. One of NYC’s native sons, Deven Angel embodies that grittiness in his music along with his motions on the streets and in the studio.


Deriving inspiration from his own struggles as well as those of his community, the self-proclaimed “bad boy of pop” began making waves in the industry when a collaboration with rap legend Jadakiss — On My Bodi — hit the scene to rave reviews. Deven has been dropping fire ever since and is prepared to take his name to the next level.


Growing up in Spanish Harlem and later the mecca of hip hop in the Bronx, Deven began writing, recording and performing his own songs at just 14 years old — showcasing his skills early on with radio appearances and shows at legendary venues around the Big Apple including Webster Hall, SOBs and The Mockingbird. 


Now 21, the Puerto Rican and Irish artist has a refined sound that soulfully blends pop, R&B and a style of rap that resonates throughout the concrete jungle of the Bx and beyond. In an age of cookie cutter musicians that all sound the same, Deven Angel strives to be the epitome of the place that he calls home: Different, Dangerous and Dope. 

"Be yourself today, tomorrow and forever"

                                                             - Deven Angel